We’re often asked about the products we make at the distillery so we wanted to share the stories behind our spirits with you.


If you’ve met all our brands, cheers to you… we hope you love them as much as we do. If you haven’t met them yet, please let us introduce you.

We Are A House Of Brands

Fox Trail is a house of brands. The spirits we produce in-house include Wild Parallel Bourbon Whiskey, Artanical Gin, Boxley Vodka, and Oak & Bean Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. Each Fox Trail spirit has its own unique brand name, identity, and bottle. We’ve developed a four part series to showcase each of our brands and how we produce them at our distillery in Rogers, which is proudly independent and exceptionally experimental with our craft spirits.

The Fox Trail production team is proud to push the envelope in our industry with a culinary approach to spirits production. Some of us have trained under distilling experts in Louisville and we fuse classic and modern techniques to our distillation process, all of which takes place inside the walls of the Fox Trail facility. Our spectacular spirits kitchen provides a creative playground for experimenting with innovative flavor combinations and processes.

The epitome of adventure in spirits, we’re always moving and always on the trail. Thanks for joining us.

Wild Parallel Bourbon Whiskey

We’ll start with our Wild Parallel bourbon line, an adventurous process that exposes the importance of the barrel for each of our expression, of which we have three: 

  • Wild Parallel Original Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Wild Parallel Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Toasted Oak Barrels

  • Wild Parallel Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Islay Scotch Barrels

Say hello to Wild Parallel Original Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Creating an excellent product takes patience and a deep understanding of the process. The making of excellent bourbon starts with the grain, which is carefully hand-inspected for quality. The mash, as we call it, is built of 70% corn, 15% rye, 15% malted barley, and is cooked in two stages in order to extract the most important element of the grains, sugars.

After three days of fermentation, where our yeast converts these sugars into alcohol, it is now ready to be moved to the copper still. There, the mash will be heated very carefully to isolate the specific alcohols that we need to achieve our desired flavor profile through aging in the barrel. Our distillate is proofed down to our desired barrel entry proof and our barrels are filled.

And then we wait…

The straight bourbon whiskey of the Original Wild Parallel expression takes you on a smooth yet rugged adventure that we can’t wait for you to try.

Next, meet our second expression, Wild Parallel Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Toasted Oak Barrels. For this, we took our original blend and filled them in barrels that have been lightly toasted over low heat for a long period of time. The slow toasted wood extracts promenet flavors of vanilla and marshmallow, fueling a new bourbon adventure out of the original blend. 

Our third Wild Parallel expression is Wild Parallel Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Islay Scotch Barrels. Again, we begin with the Wild Parallel Original blend and seal it in finishing barrels that hail from the southwest region of Scotland, called Islay. What makes these barrels unique is the whiskey they once held within their staves for over a decade. 

Wild Parallel Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Islay Scotch Barrels transports you to Scotland through the recognizable flavors of smoke and peat from the region.

The Importance of the Barrel

As you might have guessed, bourbon is all about the barrel. A bourbon’s flavor is greatly influenced by the quality and treatment of the barrel that it rests in. By law, American bourbon must be aged in a new charred oak container. While this also assists with sterilization, the charring process is what creates the distinct flavors that characterize bourbon. Charring takes place over a roaring fire, blackening the wood and caramelizing the sugars deep inside the wood. 

The original Wild Parallel recipe was born in 12 charred oak barrels. Our bourbon barrels are charred at levels three and four, where the wood is thoroughly cooked through to the middle but also has a nice sear on the outside. The barrels are then ready for us to fill them up, activating the sugars and flavors of the charred wood that bring our three Wild Parallel blends to life in very different ways. 

Your Personal Bourbon Experience

Throughout the production process, we try not to describe the taste of our bourbon too much. When assessing a spirit, our human senses are activated by its color, aroma, flavor, and texture. Bourbon is an experiential drink and we don’t want to influence your personal experience. We want you to carve your own path and have the freedom to taste the bourbon notes differently than anyone else in the world. 

How did we come up with Wild Parallel? It’s created for you, the generation that’s ever-evolving. You don’t want to be part of the grind. You want to live, and learn, and experiment. It’s ok to be contradictory – rugged and refined, rustic and modern. Wild Parallel Bourbon exists in a contemporary family of new-age, small-batch craft whiskeys. Savor its high rye, which is the structural bond for the entire Wild Parallel Bourbon ancestry. Hand-selected barrels, with distinct barrel finishes, bring to life each unique bourbon expression of the rugged Wild Parallel lineage. 

The journey to perfection is long…but it’s worth it. While there’s no wrong way to taste bourbon, we’re here to show you the ropes and help you along the journey. Wild Parallel is available at Fox Trail Distillery in Rogers.

Stay curious, stay adventurous, stay on the Trail.