Leisurlist, August 2020

Fortunately, Fox Trail Distillery is our local cocktail lab, bringing its known innovative approach to cocktail design and service. If you’ve been following the Fox Trail journey, you’ve seen its team produce some fantastic products and services to NWA, from pre-COVID bourbon tours to modern twists on classic cocktails, to shifting their production to hand sanitizers for the community. If you’ve liked all that, they have more innovation up their sleeves, starting with an exciting, razzle-dazzle cocktail experience in-house and at-home.

As all aspects of the world are quickly changing, businesses are forced to alter their approach to how they operate and interact with consumers. The restaurant and hospitality sectors have been hit by the pandemic particularly hard, and industry leaders across the country are adjusting their services, including bars. Fox Trail Distillery is making major changes to every aspect of their cocktail business, including engineering new ways to use ingredients in each cocktail and creating new ways to present drinks so that consumers have an active role in the experience.

Bringing a Fine Dining Component to Cocktails

The Fox Trail team is literally shaking up the cocktail community. What was shaken is now stirred, what was freshly squeezed lemon is now lemon oil derived from fresh lemon. These shelf-stable elements provide a unique and delicious component to the cocktail while simplifying the service portion.

The bar and lounge area is open and exercising all safety measures to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all. The bar staff has developed a new wow factor to their drinks and their table services, moving away from behind-the-bar performances to the cocktail experience itself. Taste and presentation have become the main focus with tactics such as elaborate garnishes for aesthetics along with function.

For example, their Violet Lady is infused with butterfly pea flower, creating a beautiful purple color-play, and then served with a foraged lavender stem. Its botanically-infused, edible cocktail perfume adds a highly unique and interactive aspect that delivers an additional layer of flavor and aroma in the hands of the imbiber. Violet Lady isn’t the only cocktail that gives you, the patron, the opportunity to be a part of the final preparation of the drink. Extra perk: you get to take the edible perfume bottles home.

Ready to Drink Program for At-Home Enjoyment

For patrons who aren’t ready to venue out just yet, Fox Trail has a Ready to Drink program so you can enjoy select cocktails from the privacy of your own home. The quality of the cocktails and the recommended garnishes that you can produce at home offers a fun “night out” experience while you’re refraining from social outings.

In this new age of cocktails, Fox Trail remains at the forefront of the wave, ensuring that the taste and presentation of each drink are captivating, unusual, delicious, and well-thought-out with the best consumer experience in mind. Knowing that the magic can no longer come from behind the bar, The Fox Trail bar team takes on this challenge with its usual innovative, creative, and daring manner…and patrons are taking notice. 

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Straight From the Fox Trail Bar Team

Special at-home recipe

Ozark Rickey

  • 2 oz Artanical Gin
  • .5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • Your favorite flavor-infused sparkling water (Fox Trail use green Mandarine)
  • Mix together, add ice and garnish with a mint sprig bouquet and a lime wheel