Citiscapes Magazine, May 2020

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Fox Trail Distillery of Rogers, the first distilled spirits production facility in Northwest Arkansas, has select brands distributed statewide through Southern Glaziers. Fox Trail focuses on grain-to-bottle bourbon while also exploring other spirits. With five premium spirits produced and distilled in-house, Fox Trail has become a destination for bourbon enthusiasts, vodka and gin lovers and anyone who appreciates creative cocktails. The modern, urban feel of the bar makes the drinking experience unique, and the members of the bar team are highly skilled in their craft.

Not to mention, the drinks are incredible. You can taste the quality of the spirits thanks to the paramount importance Fox Trail places on ingredient selection. As of this month, consumers can purchase the spirits at select liquor stores around the state.

Bringing Cocktails to You

Because of the impact that Coronavirus has had on the hospitality industry, the Fox Trail team is working on ways to bring their cocktail experience to you. Early this summer, they’ll be rolling out a line of ready-to-drink, craft cocktails with the taste you’d expect from across the bar, enjoyed conveniently from the comfort of home. These will be available, along with Fox Trail spirits and merchandise, for curb-side purchase at the retail shop inside of the distillery, located at 2121 S Bellview Road in Rogers.

An Innovative Approach

Craft distilling has become a thriving industry in most states throughout the country and Fox Trail is blazing the path in our state with its innovative approach of creating a culture around craft beverages.

Members of the Fox Trail family are curious and adventurous, experimenting with flavor combinations and adopting a culinary philosophy to spirits production. Some have trained under industry experts in Louisville, fusing classic and modern techniques, pushing the envelope of industry norms. The Fox Trail facility is spectacular, with 1,000-gallon stainless steel tanks, gorgeous copper stills and a state-of-the-art production system. It’s impressive that the entire grain-to-bottle process takes place inside those walls.

Fox Trail offers interactive distillery tours, allowing patrons to hear the story behind the brands and see the production process firsthand. While the tours are currently suspended until social distancing has been lifted, visit to learn more.

A House of Brands

Fox Trail is a house of brands. Each spirit has its own unique brand name, packaging, identity, bottle and demographic. Inspired by Boxley Valley at the Buffalo National River, Boxley Vodka is distilled from non-GMO corn. Boxley’s quality and purity are what set it apart from the pack. Its water is drawn right here in the Ozarks and is purified through reverse osmosis, becoming virtually as pure as water can get. Its impeccable balance and neutrality reveal the excellent character of the spirit within. With notes of sweet corn and cream, it’s no surprise that it receives excellent reviews and challenges vodkas at higher price points.

Artanical Gin is a New World-style gin that highlights botanicals native to the Ozark region. It marries the traditional dry feature with the unconventional modern expressions that are shaking up the world of gin. Among the key objectives in Artanical’s development was to create a taste that satisfies the traditional gin connoisseur while also appealing to the newcomer. In partnership with local farmers, Artanical’s native ingredients are wild-harvested seasonally and sustainably.

If you don’t find these spirits during your next run to your local liquor store, feel free to request that they carry it. You won’t regret it.