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The New Age of Cocktails is Coming

Fortunately, Fox Trail Distillery is our local cocktail lab, bringing its known innovative approach to cocktail design and service. If you’ve been following the Fox Trail journey, you’ve seen its team produce some fantastic products and services to NWA, from pre-COVID bourbon tours to modern twists on classic cocktails, to shifting their production to hand sanitizers for the community. If you’ve liked all that, they have more innovation up their sleeves, starting with an exciting, razzle-dazzle cocktail experience in-house and at-home.

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Spirits Now Available at Local Liquor Stores

Fox Trail Distillery of Rogers, the first distilled spirits production facility in Northwest Arkansas, has select brands distributed statewide through Southern Glaziers. Fox Trail focuses on grain-to-bottle bourbon while also exploring other spirits. With five premium spirits produced and distilled in-house, Fox Trail has become a destination for bourbon enthusiasts, vodka and gin lovers and anyone who appreciates creative cocktails. The modern, urban feel of the bar makes the drinking experience unique, and the members of the bar team are highly skilled in their craft.

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